Post Weight Loss Surgery Singles

I'm hitting myself for not taking the Starbuck's guy up on it.

It's hard to be single and have this surgery. I'm getting more glances and attention and am not quite sure how to handle it all. Part of me is mad (like where were you 2 years ago) and of course my mind (cause you all know I'm a snowball thinker) runs right ahead to getting naked with all my scars or hell just having to tell them that I had weight loss surgery and me thinking that they are thinking "Oh God she used to 295!?! Is that going to happen again?"

I know, I know. I need to chill out and just have a damn cup of coffee.


LibraryGirl said...

I think you look amazing!!! I read your blog everyday and I find such inspiration from you. You are such a wonderful,caring, beautiful person that I am sure someone great is in your future.

Pat said...

I agree with librarygirl. With your sense of humor, mad cooking skills, and yeah I'll say it: your good looks -- it's just a matter of time. I had WLS 2 months ago and you've been a real inspiration to me. Keep up the good work!!

TaraWynn for MI said...

Dearest Michelle,
I told you my story, We all know you're worth our combined old weights in gold - and that's just your heart! Somewhere out there he's waiting for you, just be patient. Work on you, get healthy inside and out and the scars won't matter, seriously. They are just a road map of where you've been.
Library girl has it nailed.
P.S. What's a cup of coffee? ACCEPT the rewards of your hard work and forget the trials. You ARE NOT that pissed off fat chick anymore. Loose the chip on your shoulder as definately as you lost the one in the BOWL!!!!

Michelle said...

Yeah my crew!!! Thank you guys! I needed that. I can always count on an email or comment from you guys to make my day. Thank you for that.

LOL Playing my copy of "I Will Survive" right now.

Contessa said...

You will have so many more Stabucks Moments, my friend. Trust me on this. Each 'moment' prepares us for something greater/better. So many wonderful things lie ahead for you. I wait with anticipation for each of your posts. Enjoy each day, bella!

Linda said...

Next time, you let the guy buy you coffee if he seems like someone you want to get to know. Remember, not everyone is judgmental and also, how else will you find out??

You look MAHHHHVELOUS!!!!!

<3 Linda