Discovering me

Hey friends, Please excuse my spotty blogging this week. I'm in NY. I'm having a great time. Last night I was up till 3:30 in the morning talking with 2 old friends. I have a scratchy voice and bags under my eyes but I feel awesome.

I think sometimes we underestimate the emotional journey this whole process is. The rearranging the guts is just the beginning. I embraced healthier habits of eating and living, I lost -146 pounds and had some nip and tucks and now I look in the mirror and see a new person. It's not just about the physical. It's not as simple as seeing a skinnier version of me. I am a new person. Of course my core personality is the same but I smile a lot more, I no longer accept less than what I deserve, I see a future that I never saw before. I care about this new me.

So I'm in NY. I'm calling this trip my "mid life crisis trip." I just think I needed to reconnect with the past a bit before I could move forward and see where I want this next phase of my new life to lead and after this crazy 18 months I just wanted to have a little fun.

I'm excited about what's ahead. I'm happy I have all of you in my back seat taking this ride with me.


rbyredshs said...

Glad to hear your alive and having fun!

Anonymous said...

from one former new yorker to another,have a great time!

buffy formerly flushing NY now Minneapolis!

Maggie said...

So jealous you are visiting and connecting with friends. Enjoy. You sure know how to feed your soul!
Happy New Year...

CBB said...

Welcome to NY!! I wish you a wonderful time while you're here. Enjoy every moment.

- Col in WNY

Anonymous said...

Have fun, relax, enjoy your friends. You have paid it forward enough with excellent information and support to have plenty of "spotty blogs".
Best Wishes