Protein Shake Recipes: Mint Mocha

I had a meeting that was cancelled this evening so with about 45 minutes free in my schedule and since it was 91 degrees today (supposed to drop this weekend thankfully) I decided to tackle a weight loss surgery friendly version of the latest Starbuck's limited edition creation, the Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino. The original (even paired down to Tall with nonfat milk) has 35 grams of sugar and 39 grams of carbs... so yeah that's not happening. Here's what I came up with.

Slurp. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

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Shelly's Mint Mocha Protein Shake

8 oz. Milk (any)
2 scoops (or one single serving packet) Chocolate Mint Protein Powder (I used Celebrate Vitamins Chocolate Mint Protein 20)
1 Tablespoon Unsweetened Cocoa
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Vanilla Torani Syrup
a few cubes of Ice
Optional: if you want the caffeine kick add 1/2 stick of Espresso Powder (Via or Bustelo)

Whiz on high in blender. Fill glass about 3/4, make a ring of No Sugar Added, Homemade Whipped Cream, pour in the rest of the shake, top with a little more whippage and a sprinkle of pulverized protein bar (something chocolate & mint) or additional cocoa.

No Chocolate Mint Protein (use SF Peppermint Torani and Chocolate Protein Powder) but this Chocolate Mint Protein 20 is one of my favs.

Weight Loss Surgery Bariatric Surgery Fitness Workout Health Diabetics Sugar Free

Shelly's Homemade No Sugar Added Whipped Cream

1 cup Whipping Cream
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (any flavor will do)

Whisk till well combined. Every batch I make a new flavor: SF Vanilla, SF Coconut, SF Almond, if you want pink cream Sugar Free Raspberry is great. Fill whipping cream to the fill line of the whipper. Screw on the top. Insert the CO2 cartridge till it empties, unscrew that. Put the nozzle on, shake a few times and squirt away. It makes a ton, store it in the fridge for up to 10 days just give it another few shakes before squirting. Great on berries, shakes and smoothies, protein cake. You can make chocolate whipped cream too just add unsweetened cocoa powder 2 Tablespoons to recipe above and into the whipper.

Feeling like you need a little magic in your life try my Unicorn Protein Shake that was all the craze last month.

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