Tips for a Happy and Healthy Spring!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Lots of people have spring cleaning projects they do each year... cleaning the windows and attic are great but maybe consider a spring cleaning and organizing of your pantry and fridge. If items have made their way in because "they are for the kids" but honestly they probably wouldn't know if they were gone... make them go away. If the items are unopened drop them off at the local food bank. If they are opened bring them to work and leave in the break room or ask if an elderly neighbor can make use of the item (many are on fixed incomes and would love them.) Keep only the healthiest choices and make your house a safe zone as much as possible.

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Keep a list of healthy recipes you want to try. Create a Pinterest board to inspire you. Pick 1 or 2 a week to try. Hope you find a few on the blog and my Pinterest page that you enjoy. The night before you are going to make a recipe pull out the pans, measuring cups and any seasonings you'll need so when you come home tired and hungry some of your work will be done already, making it more likely to actually happen.

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Has the hour change messed with your exercise schedule? Make a fitness appointment with yourself. Write it down on your calendar or put it in your phone. Set a reminder like you would for a meeting with your boss. It's that important. Is the weather unpredictable? Write down a couple of options if it rains or is too cold. I like to walk 45-60 minutes. My Plan B when it rains or is too cold... 1.) walk the mall or Lowes, or 2.) Pop in a walking DVD, or 3.) Do an App (I love Sworkit), YouTube or FitnessBlender workout.

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Consider registering for the Your Weight Matters National Convention and treat yourself to a weekend of awesome evidence based health, weight, weight loss, nutrition, fitness and emotional health education and lots of motivation and inspiration this summer. Bring a friend or loved one and make it a weekend of fun and health. If you're coming alone that's great, I am too and I can't wait to meet you!

Happy & Healthy Spring to all!