My DIY Coffee Bar Project

I have a pretty small, older kitchen, it really needs a remodel but since that is not in the cards (until a money tree grows in the backyard or lottery win) I had an idea to free up some counter space by moving my coffee machine and related items. I was in search of a small (and cheap) buffet to turn into a "coffee bar" with little storage below for my coffee related extras. I wanted an antique because the idea of putting furniture together makes me ill... seriously just looking at a box full of pieces of wood with an allen wrench and instruction manual with diagrams and I'm queasy. I also love the idea of recycling and repurposing an antique.

The town I live in has a little touristy section that has several antique stores and last month my Mum and I had a fun morning hitting up a few of my favorites. I lucked out at the third stop of the day.

This is how I found it... dusty, in back corner of the store.

4th Street Antiques Old Town Temecula California Kitchen Decor

I loved the little glass cabinet knobs, turned legs and ball casters. It's maple I believe. It has some scratches but I think that gives it character. I was tempted to buy the giant unicorn sculpture sitting on top of it but resisted... kidding ;)

I got it home, cleaned and oiled it and it was looking better already. It was thirsty.

I wanted a granite top for it so I went on a local DIY Facebook page and asked if anyone knew of a place that sells remnants. I had a reply from a member of the group within minutes to check out a local (yay local) business. I called and sure enough the owner said he had several remnants and to come on down with my measurements. I found the perfect piece in the back room. Two days later (I wanted rounded edges) I had my granite top. Holy moly?! it was a workout carrying a thick piece of granite from the car to the house.

Southwest Granite Temecula CA

I gathered some of my coffee items from around the kitchen: my K-cup machine, K-cup carousel, Sugar Free Torani Syrup Bottle Rack.

Antiquing Temecula Old Town California

The drawer pulls are cool. They have little troll looking creatures on them. I've Googled and can't find anything about them. They kind of remind me of the children's book "Where the Wild Things Are."

I lined the drawers with non-adhesive grip liner. I use one drawer for tea stuff, one for extra K-cups, cocoa packets, protein packets, things like that.

Keurig Coffee K cup Coffee Cart Kitchen Decor

The cabinets below have extra bottles of Sugar Free Torani Syrup, Protein Bars and Snacks in them.

Sugar Free Torani Syrup Coffee Tea Kitchen

So that's my DIY project. I think it turned out great... and you guys know how much I love my coffee, it will be well used.

The before and after...

Kitchen Coffee Tea Antiques Recycling Do it yourself decorating

Who needs Starbucks when you can make a cup of coffee at your very own coffee bar?

Furniture Coffee Tea Recycle Kitchen Decorating