10 years: Ramblings of a weight loss surgery post-op

I think I am officially a vet now ;)

6/20/06 I gave myself the BEST GIFT EVER when I decided to take the helping hand of weight loss surgery, the weight loss (150+ pounds) and renewed health (off 8 meds, resolved my high BP, severe GERD, severe sleep apnea) allowed me to make some major lifestyle changes that are just part of my life now.

I feel like I should offer something to those just joining our ranks... so here goes the rambling (just another post ops err wisdom/2 cents take it or leave it)

Build a support team and stay connected with them (Dr, dietitian, therapists/psychiatrist/psychologist, supportive family and friends, online and real world support groups, events #YWM2016) You've heard "war on obesity" I would never go into battle alone... I want people that have my back (my special ops team) when the you know what hits the fan... because... life happens. And NEVER be afraid to say "I need help." Chronic disease = chronic treatment.

Speaking of life... work on any neck up stuff... no seriously... no more avoiding, pushing stuff under the carpet, self medicating with food, people, or anything else. The emotional journey = hardest but MOST WORTHWHILE. 9 out of 10 times IMHO you don't need a pouch test, you need a good therapist. Trust me on this.

Consider this weight loss surgery opportunity as a DO BETTER not a do over... find some healthy foods you enjoy, plan meals, set yourself up for a great week, don't just wing it. Find ways to move your body that you dare I say it look forward to, put it on a calendar. If you have a crappy day try not to look back other than to figure out how to do better... guilt, regret are pretty useless energy uses... review, adjust, action. Get rid of the diet mentality that you can suffer through something till a # on the scale appears or a clothing size is hanging in your closet (spoiler alert: there is no finish line) make changes that you can repeat FOREVER and EVER AMEN ;)

Best wishes to all on the road,

Shelly xo

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