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This past week I was given a great opportunity to test out WellnessFX  (Fast Company's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2014) a web-based service that offers direct-to-consumer access to advanced blood tests and online data tracking of your lab work. I was really excited to be a part of a group of post-op bariatric patients testing the service.

Here's how it works...

You visit the WellnessFX web site and choose the tests you would like to have done.
Print out a lab work order. Here's the tests that I had done...

Bring the order to your local lab (Quest, Lab Corp, depends on your state) to have your blood drawn.Yes, that's my blood.

In 3-10 days your results are ready for you online. You can print them out, have them faxed to your Dr. or purchase a phone consultation with one of WellnessFX health practitioners. The user-friendly website allows you to easily see the areas you are excelling in, as well as areas that may need more attention. You can click on each lab result to understand more about what the result means.

It puts the power in your hands to identify and hopefully reverse potential health risks long before symptoms appear. You are also sure to get the right labs done. Many post-ops get labs done but if their Primary Care Provider orders the typical lab panel for them they are missing many important areas that we often fall short in post weight loss surgery.

You will be a more informed patient and an advocate for your health. A very good thing!

So how'd I do... well all was A-OK except my iron. Seems like despite my taking it and my love of lentils and spinach I am just not absorbing it. Iron-deficiency anemia is a fairly common post gastric bypass issue and if left untreated could lead to a ton of health issues and cause damage your heart, brain, and other organs in your body. I had been feeling some symptoms lately (tired, weak, heart racing) and my WellnessFX labs confirmed it. I had WellnessFX fax the results to my Dr. and I'm awaiting her word on next steps. I am thankful I am now aware and can start turning it around.

Get your labs done!

WellnessFX Lab Packages
Blog about my experience on WellnessFX website

UPDATE: I was referred to Hematologist and received a series of iron infusions called Injectafer and all has been well for the past year with my labs. Yay!

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