The List.

Qualities of Eggface's Perfect Man

* Fiercely loyal
* Sense of humor/fun
* Passionate (needs to keep up with this Sicilian chick)
* Honest
* A good conversationalist/intelligent
* Romantic (The little things: holds the door open, gives hugs, says "I love you" first)
* Supportive
* Loves music (Make that good music because seriously if you are President of the Sanjaya Malakar fan club don't even read my blog)
* Loves animals
* Loves my cooking (It's total deal breaker if you don't eat garlic or onions or something freaky like that)
* Wants to hang out and just be with me
* Loves the beach/outdoorsy
* Has a heart (kind, empathetic, warm, concerned about others)
* An even temper (To make up for me not having one. This is not entirely under my control I refer back to being Sicilian)
* Good with finances (I wad my money at the bottom of my purse and scarily rarely think of the future)
* Devilishly handsome and well endowed (Hey a girl can dream)

** Oh and big bonus points if you can do stuff... man stuff I hate to do but currently must do because of my single status like mow lawns, kill bugs, hang pictures and fix things.

I read this list and wonder if it's even feasible to find someone even close. 36 years and haven't found him yet. Am I setting the bar too high? Do I need a reality check?

It's OK be honest. I can take it.

I think of that line in Sleepless in Seattle... "You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie."

We're friends you can tell me, "Michelle, no one will ever pull a John Cusack and stand with a boom box over his head at your bedroom window."

Actually that boom box looked really heavy and dropping that on your head could cause serious injuries. OK, I guess I wouldn't want someone to do that... for the whole song ;)