The other side

So I never did post the night before... had I it would have been more ramblings about fearing death so blah blah blah. It's over. I did it.

Ok... so Bad points first... when I woke up from surgery my shoulder blade felt horrible like it was out of position but that lasted a few hours and the morphine drip made me forget soon enough. I was very lonely I mean... beyond lonely. This should never be attempted alone JMHO. I did get my period but it only lasted 4 days and it was once I got back to the apartment. My incision itches like crazy (I guess a sign of healing) but its driving me nuts!!! That first sip of water was a doozy... foamies blah!

Good points: I'm home!! I've lost some weight already although I don't know how much. I see it in my face a bit and Mom said I looked thinner when she came to pick me up. I'm sleeping through the night. No acid reflux and stellar blood pressure I'm eating ok...crazy small portions LOL my birthday lunch was 8 sporksful of Taco Bell Pintos and Cheese.

Would I do it again??? Yes, but with someone. I didn't need any physical help but I never realized how I would need that emotional connection. I'll post a review of my whole Mexico experience soon.

Highlights of the past week:

Waking up from surgery (always a good thing)
Feeling pretty darn good to say I just had my chitlins rearranged
I turned 35 yesterday and there is a new life in my future