Here's my Turkey Day menu which I will be having a couple of tablespoons of each:

Turkey, Spinach Gratin, Fried Cauliflower, Cornbread Stuffing (I've saved up my carbs for days) only sadly missing is Cabbaliata (Italian Rice Stuffing) a thing of the past... I don't do white rice (my choice) So seriously yummy and still very healthy. Life is good post wls.

I'm thankful for so much this year... my family of course, my health and new body, finding Dr. A. Good stuff.

I went to the beach yesterday, Ahhhh. My zen zone. It was beautiful! The weather was awesome... that strange broomstick surfer was back. I saw him last year around this time. We had a picnic with yummy chinese cabbage salad and chicken salad and caught up on magazines. I was surrounded by sea gulls and their babies... sea gull babies are super cute. Too bad they grow up. I listened to meaningful music and stared out at the ocean contemplating life. I came to no conclusions. :)