Dumping (or Beware of corn bread stuffing)

Thanksgiving was nice... I enjoyed the day but I shouldn't have had any cornbread stuffing... I ate about 4 tablespoons and had a dumping episode (heart trying to break out of my chest for about an hour). After I was beat like someone had kicked the living shit out of me. Cornbread Stuffing = Bad idea. For pre-ops reading or those that just want to be in the know. Check out this great article on dumping syndrome.

Nothing much else happening... watched romance movies most of the day. I'm obsessing about things I have no control of again. I think I need to start watching action movies.

On a happy note my hair loss seems to have stopped it's been about a week and nada. I itch like crazy... I have spikes of new hair growing all over and it's driving me insane. But hell I'm not complaining.