Tuna = high protein and pain

Hmmm what's been going on lately... well I sliced my finger tip on a can of tuna. I'm recovering but it was pretty gnarly... lots of blood. Ewww. I think it's messed up the nerves too. My sunburn is just now feeling better but still peeling and looking hideous. That was truly the worst. sunburn. EVER.

On the weight loss front I'm down 65 pounds but weigh-in day is tomorrow so it's probably more. I only weigh once a week on Tuesday's otherwise I think I would get to hung up on the #'s and freak at little daily fluctuations. So 65 is my last Tuesday total. I don't know whether it's a good thing or bad but my clothes are falling off of me, again. I bought a few new tops and pants a few weeks ago and they are almost to big now. It's crazy! I did squeeze into a get this... size 18 pair of pants. Woo hoo. This reminds me of something one of my cyberpals and I were discussing yesterday... the discussion was bad things about having WLS. Here's one I came up with: No longer being able to tackle a skinny gunman to the ground. I used to think... oh yeah I could take him and now hmmmm maybe not.

On a serious note, I started taking Biotin because I've been losing hair for the past couple of weeks and it's starting to make me nervous. I knew this was going to happen but it's not easy... :(

Highlights of the day:

Downloaded a bunch of new music.
The weather is changing... yeah Fall!

Listening to: Rob Thomas "Streetcorner Symphony" It's so damn happy and positive. LOL. I'm trying osmosis.