I'm so flipping excited... over what you ask? I can eat SALAD! Hard to explain to someone who hasn't had this surgery but salad is like the Holy Grail and I have it! Yesterday I tested the waters with a sample of salad at Costco and I've had three since. I had an El Pollo Loco $1 salad with chicken from an El Carbon Taco also $1 so for $2 I had a freakin' feast. Loved it. Tonight it's another salad Mmmm with Smoked Salmon on it. Gotta get the protein in. OK I've gushed enough. I know I never thought I'd gush over salad... it's just many, many dining choices have just opened up to me.

I still have a headache... I don't know what is up with that. I figured when the sleep apnea was resolved I would lose those. I'm still hoping. I really don't want to go back on Topomax. It's so damn expensive. I'm also still debating about my Cobra insurance.

Name your three favorite TV shows from your childhood:

1. Little House on the Prairie
2. The Brady Bunch (favorite episode is the 3 part Hawaiian vacation... Beware the Tiki)
3. The Magic Garden (I loved the storybox)

Highlights of the day:

a really good nap
Salad... oh yeah!
Did I mention salad?

Listening to: The Hooters "And we danced" I'm on an 80's kick.


HappyLoser said...

I'm reading your blog for the first time today. I was actually given the suggestion when I was at a post-op bariatric support group meeting. I was told you have the best recipes, and they were right. I can't wait to get home and try some. I started looking at your recipes and now I just decided to start the blog from the beginning. I have some time to kill, ironically enough I am in the hospital now because I've been having issues with strictures after my RNY. Thank god I brought my laptop. I just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying your blog (and recipes yum). I wish I would have started mine before my surgery. Oh and I had to comment on the entry on salads...I know what you mean. I miss salad and veggies soooo much. I can't wait until I can start eating them again. I look forward to reading the rest!

Maven said...

I was on Topamax for a while for migraines, too. I was also told that it would cause weight to magically drop off me. It did nothing except make me hostile and paranoid, so I weaned myself off the junk:( Have you tried Imitrex? I was on that, too in the 1990s, but I felt achey after taking it (it's a trade off, no more headache, but you feel like you've got the start of a cold). WILD.