I'm Melting...

I'm 35 or 36 pounds down depending on which scale you believe. I'm still having peeing issues but I heard that's normal after a surgery... damn catheters. I had a kidney stone and ended up in the ER. I figured I would. I had them before surgery and I know I haven't been getting in enough H20. Must. do. Better. After antibiotics and some really good pain drugs I'm starting to feel a lot better. I'm about 85% but I think I would be even better if it wasn't so damn HOT! It's been over 100 for days and today it's supposed to be 108 degrees... maybe its not the surgery at all making me lose weight... maybe I'm really melting from the heat. I hate the summer. I need to move where its cold. Alaska is looking good right now. Plus it has the added bonus of having 3 men for every 1 woman. My clothes are all baggy which is fine for now because its HOTTER than you-know-where. I'm still wearing a binder so that's an extra layer of clothing I don't usually have to deal with. Some things really amaze me post surgery... how little I eat and am completely full on, I can walk! I sleep 100% better, a lot fewer headaches, no acid reflux, and great blood pressure. Wows already!

Aren't you supposed to be cold after surgery when is that gonna start???

On another note: I put in my notice at work. I know this is the right thing. I'll miss some of the staff and the children of course but I need a change.

Highlights of the day:
I'm sure it's cooler here than the fiery pits of hell. Well maybe.
The ice trays are full.
I could be in Palm Springs or Phoenix or Death Valley.
I ate zucchini for breakfast and it tasted great (my first veggies)

Listening to: the fan. Thank God for electricity!
QOTD: How do the Amish stay cool???