Pie Inspired Protein Shakes

Some of you may be just beginning your weight loss surgery journey and may not be able to eat the typical Thanksgiving dinner foods yet. FYI for those that don't know post bariatric surgery we are phased back into eating food, we go from liquids to pureed to soft to solid food. The areas that are operated on need a chance to heal and the progression (about 8 weeks or so, programs vary) gives us that opportunity while still providing needed nutrition. So this post is for you guys that are still sipping this Turkey day or for anytime you want a taste of Thanksgiving pie. 


Shelley's Losing to Live said...

I am one of those sipping post-ops this Thanksgiving. I was sleeved 11/15/2016. I appreciate your blog so much!

pugsmom said...

I'm a long ways out from surgery and I've learned that I cannot tolerate most sweet foods. Protein drinks are way too sweet for me to tolerate. I wish there was a tasteless protein drink for me. I love your blog and have made so many of your delicious recipes and have bought a few of the products you talked about. (microwave egg cooker YES!!!, mini meatloaf pan and donut pan. I am so happy with these products. Thank you so much. Sandy