Heads up: Free Vitamin Samples

Just a heads up for those that are new on their journey. The three major bariatric vitamin companies will send you free samples of their products so you can try before you buy. Click on the links below the logos to request.

All vitamins are not created equal and these companies specialize in vitamins specially designed for our post weight loss surgery needs.

Building Blocks

Celebrate Vitamins

Bariatric Advantage

I heart free :)

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Anonymous said...

I just got my samples and I love the Celebrate vitamins. The grape and hot chocolate chewables are awesome!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the free vitamins! I also wanted to thank you for the great recipes! Love all of the ones I have tried!!!
Joni, Ramsey MN

Theresa said...

How do I, as a consumer, find out the difference between the different vitamins as far as how they are made and if one truly is better than the other? As far as I am aware they are not FDA regulated so how are we to protect ourselves with facts? This question always really bothers me. I want what is good for me however, I also don't want to be ripped off by marketing. You know what I mean?

Michelle "Shelly" said...

:) Love freebies and always nice to try before you buy.


@Theresa Understood. I personally feel better knowing a company is at least taking into consideration my altered anatomy and special absorption issues in the research and development of products, staying active & current in the bariatric community... attending conferences, speaking with Dr's and post-ops... something you don't see with store brand off the shelf companies... these three do that.