Breakfast Bruschetta

It's September. Wow. Is it just me or is this year flying by?!

September is National Breakfast Month so I thought I would start the month off by posting my yummy breakfast from this morning. It was soooo good and way better choice than anything in a bakery case or drive-thru but just as quick. Make the cake & topping the night before and it's an even quicker breakfast. Toast in the AM, smear on the topping, wrap it in foil and out the door you go. Each cake yields 4 to 5 slices and can be stored in the fridge for several days.

Shelly's Breakfast Bruschetta

Slices of 5 Minute Protein Cakes toasted and topped with one of the toppings below.

Shelly's Sweetened Ricotta Topping

1/4 cup Ricotta Cheese
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup (I used SF Vanilla)

Smear a little sweetened ricotta on a toasted slice of Protein Cake and top with a teaspoon of SF jam or fresh fruit.

Shelly's Nutty Fudge Topping

2 Tablespoons Almond Butter
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Hot Fudge Sauce (I used Smucker's)
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Torani Syrup
2 Tablespoons Ricotta Cheese

Mix till well combined. Smear a dollop on a toasted slice of Protein Cake.

Other topping ideas: almond butter, peanut butter, cottage cheese, NSA apple sauce or apple butter, SF jam or maple syrup.

My Cookies & Cream Coffee Protein Cake and Banana Protein Cake are other favorites to use for Breakfast Bruschetta but any Protein Cake flavor will work. This morning I made...

Shelly's Almond 5 Minute Protein Cake

1 Egg, beaten
3 Tablespoons Milk
2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Almond Torani Syrup
2 Tablespoon Canola Oil
3 Tablespoons Multigrain Pancake Mix (I use this)
2 Tablespoons Almond Meal
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder
Pinch salt
1 - 2 cup Measuring Cup or Microwave Safe Mug

In a measuring cup or microwave safe mug, Mix egg, milk, syrup and oil (you can reduce to 1 T or sub applesauce) and combine thoroughly. In a separate bowl, mix pancake mix, almond meal, protein powder and salt. Tip dry into wet and stir till combined.

Nuke in microwave on high power for 2 minutes (my microwave is getting old and needs 20 seconds added now.) Let it sit for three or so minutes (it pulls away from the sides) before tipping the cake onto a plate. Yields 4-5 slices.

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Fredda said...

Those look very english muffin-y, just almond flavored. I love the mug cakes by the way! I have tried apple cinnamon, strawberry, and orange flavors and they are GREAT! Maybe I need to try one with unflavored protein for a non sweet treat?

Michelle said...

These look delicious!

Brooke said...

OOOH thanks for the post. I'm a bandster so usually anything "bready" doesn't work for us.

But.... luckily for me, I don't have anyt problems with anything "bready" as long as I keep the portion size small.

So this is perfect. Looking forward to trying the recipe tomorrow!

Tracy L. said...

Would you please list the grams weight of protein powder amount you use, or the equivilent standard measuring cup amount? I have noticed a huge difference in the size of scoops between different products and it may really affect the texture of this recipe.


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hope you guys enjoy them.


My SEI Max or Ultimate scoop is 30 g - 35 g. = 22 g. protein.

The Babe said...

Dumb questions:
Can you use almond milk instead of regular milk?
Also, I found a multigrain pancake mix called NanaCakes, and I'm wondering if I can sub that (it has a little more protein, fewer carbs, but a little more sugar). Here are the ingredients:
Organic Wheat Flour (wheat flour, niacin, iron, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Folic Acid), Whole Wheat Flour, Nonfat Dry Milk, Whole Rye Flour, Soy Flour, Yellow Cornmeal, Baking Powder (non aluminum), Raw Wheat Germ, Flaxseed Meal, Salt, Sugar, Baking Soda.

I just can't tell if it's a sub that will work, and I didn't want to buy something new if what I have works. It's 3g sugar, 19.5g carbs and 5.25g protein for a 1/4 cup (if I did the math right--the label gives numbers for 1/3 cup).

Let me know what you think. I'd love the try the recipes! Thanks!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Never a dumb q... I use soy milk so I think almond milk should work out fine... and also the pancake mix you found too... you know watch the cooking time on the first batch... do 2 minutes... then add 20 second increments... you want no wetness on the top and bottom but not over cooked. Might be trial & error on the first batch. Good Luck!

battynurse said...

Ok those look yummy. Enough that it may be worth it for a breakfast thing which I have mostly given up on. It often easier to just have a coffee smoothie.

The Babe said...

Thanks very much! I'll try it out and let you know...