My Bento Lunch

Having a bad case of the "I don't wannas" this morning but I really need to get motivated if I want to have those little things like electricity, water, food, clothes. I've been helping out my pal with a project for her company (lots of organizing computer files) which kind of makes me giggle since I am definitely NOT the most organized person. I name my recipes things like YummyCasseroleIhadWednesday.doc and then spend an hour searching for it. Well... it is always easier to fix someone else's problems than work on your own and this one comes with a paycheck ;)

The weather is so beautiful right now, sunny, 80's. The plan is to find a grassy knoll in the sunshine to plop down and eat my super cool bento lunch. Here's what I'll be having...

Pink Box (top left): Shelly's Italian Sub Salad
Green Box (top right): Cutie Mandarin
Blue Box (bottom left): Strawberries
Orange Box (bottom right): Pistachios and (in little blue container) Balsamic Dressing

Shelly's Italian Sub Salad

Romaine Lettuce
Fresh Basil
Grape Tomatoes
Sliced Genoa Salami, Italian Roast Beef
Sliced Provolone
Kosher Salt & a few twists of Black Pepper
Balsamic Dressing

Just looking at this yummy (and well organized) lunch is motivating me to get my butt in gear. I'm off...