Turtle Dip & Some Lovin'

Chocolate, caramel, pecans like those Turtle candies. Soooo good. Makes a great breakfast or afternoon protein-packed snack. I had it for breakfast early this AM and still feel full and satisfied.

Shelly's Turtle Protein Dip

3 oz. Fage Greek Yogurt (I use 2%)
2 Tablespoons Sugar Free Caramel Sauce Topping (Smucker's)
1 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder
1-2 Tablespoons Pecans, chopped

Mix together till thoroughly combined. Serve with banana slices, strawberries, apple slices, protein cake cubes for dipping. If you are early on... skip the pecans.

It really makes a difference when you actually love the protein powder supplements you use. I can seriously stick my finger in mine and lick it it's that good. I know some of you have given up on protein supplements... I did too, as soon as I was able to get all my recommended protein grams in from food. I was just so sick of choking down gnarly protein shakes and spending oodles of $$ on tubs of vileness some of which I wouldn't mix up for my worst enemy. Then at around 8 months I had a month long scale stall and was told I needed to up the protein. Oh. GOD. NO! Reluctantly (umm more like kicking & screaming) I went to my local nutrition store and well **insert hallelujah angel chorus** I found SEI's Max/Ultimate Protein and my post weight loss surgery life got 150% better.

Just so you know... I AM NOT BEING PAID FOR THESE STATEMENTS OF LOVE. Though... come to think of it. Hey SEI: I will gladly except most major credit cards and cold hard cash ;)

Seriously. It is good stuff. Happy to have found it and let all my post-op peeps know they don't have to suffer. They need to make sample packs. If you were in my 'hood I'd gladly make you up a shake or share a bowl of protein ice cream. Maybe grab a post-op pal and go in on a tub together the first time. Warning: you'll be hooked.

I know you were hoping by the blog title for some hot, sweaty & breathless sex story. Damn it I was too ;)


HOA Mgr Lady said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I am at 11 months and just had a long term stall and they told me to up my protein but they didn't tell me why. I was in the normal range of proyein when I had blood testing but just barely. Thanks for the info! You're the BEST!
Happy New Year!

T2Nashville said...

Shell - I found Max Protein before I ever knew you were a lover, and I am with you, girl! That stuff is amazing, and I am so glad my local GNC carries it. I have one backup I found (Champion) that is good, but just not as good as Max. I've drank it, baked with it, made ice cream with it, and recently made your donuts with it (sorry - I didn't like those), and it's just the best stuff out there. I have shared it with as many people I could. Thanks for continuing to give me great new ways to use it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly -
thanks to you, I have found - and LOVE - Max protein. Chocolate is the best, but the chocolate mint & cookies and cream are pretty good too. I want to try the vanilla next - I tried to order it this week with your discount, but it said your coupon code had expired. Any idea if it will be reactivated? I'll wait if it will!
Thanks for turning us on to such a great supplement!


Barbara said...

SHELLY THAT LOOKS WONDERFUL.. I am going to make that tomorrow for sure. It is my birthday and I was moping I wouldn't have a cake, but that looks like a delicious substitute and it's everything I love to eat.. thank you ...

Anonymous said...

Ok, where do I find this protein???

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Hey Ruth, Hope it helps the scale kick in again.


Rachel, I heard sometime in January but not sure. Will ask.


B, Happy Birthday! May all your birthday wishes come true. Click on the Protein Cake Link or Protein Ice Cream link both would be yummy options. I did strawberry cannolis this past year & protein ice cream for mine :)

Have a great b-day!

D'Arcy said...

Sad news!!! Max protein is not available in Australia . Have to settle for plain Isolate Whey Protein and Syntrax Nectar (morning brekkie shake material). Awaiting my ice cream maker to try experiment with protein ice cream....results to be posted!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Max is available at some GNC's (it's a franchise owners choice so call yours)

Ultimate I have spotted at Max at Max Muscle and Nutrishop, some other stores carry as well. Just be sure to ask for SEI's Ultimate Protein.

Or order them online from the company directly:


Hope this helps,

Anonymous said...

So, I usually love everything you post. This turtle dip rocks my socks! Hubby and I just had some with some chocolate protein cake cubes and pink lady apple slices. Thanks again for sharing your creativity and hard work so that all the rest of us can benefit!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Glad you enjoyed the dip c.


Hey Jen, Yep sliced then sauteed I like the golden on each side.