Birthday Treats

Had a great day yesterday. Thank you for all the sweet birthday greetings!

It was a hot day 101°F here in my 'hood so we escaped to the cheapy movie theater. Saw "Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past" with my hottie Matthew Mcconaughey. I love that he was once arrested for a disturbing the peace naked and playing the bongos. Ohhh how I would have loved to have been that arresting officer. Wee Ooh Wee Ooh Wee. The movie was cute should have been released near Christmas though as it was a take on "A Christmas Carol" but whatever... I enjoyed the movie, popcorn & especially the couple of hours of free AC!

At 101°F outside you know my Ice Cream Maker was churning. Here's what I made with it...

Shelly's Gingersnap Protein Ice Cream

1 cup Vanilla Soy Milk (or Regular Milk)
2 scoops of Vanilla Protein Powder
2 Tablespoon Sugar Free Gingerbread Davinci Syrup
1/2 teaspoon Ground Ginger, divided use
4-6 Sugar Free Oatmeal Cookies, crushed (I use these)

Mix together milk, protein, syrup and 1/4 teaspoon of the ginger. I used this gadget to mix it up. It makes it airy and lump free. If you don't have one just toss it in a blender on super high. You want it fluffy almost double in size. Pour into ice cream maker. Follow your machine's instructions for freezing. Crush the cookies with the remaining ginger in a snack-size Ziploc. 5 minutes before done add to ice cream maker. You can eat it right away it is soft serve-ish but I like to put it in the freezer to set for an hour.

So I took 2 scoops of Gingersnap Ice Cream and made a yummy Protein Shake...

Shelly's Gingersnap Latte Protein Shake

1 cup Vanilla Soy Milk
2 scoops Shelly's Gingersnap Protein Ice Cream
1 scoop Click Espresso Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Vanilla Torani Syrup

Blend. Top with Sugar Free Land o Lakes Whipped Cream and a dash of cinnamon

Later in the day I made myself some more birthday treats... Mini Protein Donuts and Strawberry Cannoli. Mmmm.


Melissa said...

What a small world. Yesterday was my birthday too. I was on OH talking about realizing I'd 'never' eat birthday cake again since I had my surgery 6 months ago. Your donuts and ice cream look yummy. I might have to take some of my birthday money and buy myself an ice cream maker! Glad you had a good day.

Chelsea's Mom said...

The birthday treats sound and look wonderful! I have a question for you re: ice cream. I have the same ice cream maker you have, and whenever I make the protein ice cream, a great portion of it gets stuck to the side (freezes REAL hard to it) and I can't scrape it out no matter what I try! Does this happen to you, and if so, what do you do!? Thanks!

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Happy Birthday to you Melissa!!!


Chelsea's Mom,

TY :)

Some readers have said that happens to them and they spray the cylinder with Pam (I haven't tried it) Most important thing in making ice cream is fat content of milk... must be 2% milk or above water in the milk is what is freezing so no lowfat not even with soy. I use Vanilla Silk. 2nd most important thing add mixture to a churning machine.

Hope this help,

Actual Scale said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Those strawberries look so tasty! I am def. adding them to my 'must try soon' list.

Thanks for sharing!

Allison said...

Happy belated B-day Shelly!

My birthday was last week also and now I am the proud owner of a mini donut pan!!! I have been wanting one forever and lets just say I have a fabulous boyfriend. (plus he took me to see Dirty Dancing the musical so I think I'll keep him!)

I cant wait to make my first batch.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Oh yeah he's a keeper!!! I would love to see DD the musical. Does he have a brother? LOL ;)


Anonymous said...

Hmm. I methinks hubby needs to get me a mini muffin pan and a mini donut pan and a heart shaped silicone pan for my upcoming birthday.

What a great spread of birthday treats! :D

ccm_crystal said...


So funny, I made the Strawberry Cannoli's yesterday as well.. before reading your blog.. and I just love them.. I left my sf vanilla at work (booo!) so I just put 1 pkg of splenda in. So yummo! I had a g/f over who just raves about all the things I make. I told her about your website and how I get some of my wonderful treats from you.

Thanks again!!

Chelsea's Mom said...

Aha! Yes, I'm using skim milk to make my ice cream. I did use silk one time and don't think I had that sticking issue. I'll go back to the silk and try it again! Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Now that's some porn I can sink my teeth into! Thank you Queen Eggface

Tammara, Jess and Cory said...

Happy Birthday late sorry I have been so busy Have not been checking your site regularly. Mini Donut pan is on my list for my christmas presents. I want one so bad after seeing your wonderful creations. We are still in love with the protein ice cream and I do spray the pan with Pam it helps but still sticks some. I am going to try soy silk. I use 1% so that is the explanation for my sticking. Hope your day was great.

Lynne said...

Happy Belated Birthday! If I had known, I would have baked you a cake - no, wait, that's what YOU do!