3 years and 2 scoops.

I sat down to write this blog entry and NOTHING. I've been staring at the blank screen for an hour and the words just wouldn't flow today then I realized why.

Today is my 3 year Surgiversary.

3 years ago today I was recovering in a hospital in Ensenada, Mexico from open RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery.

All I really want to say today is THANK YOU.

Thank you to Dr. A the AWESOME surgeon that gave me back my life,
Thank you to my Family and Friends (both real world & cyber) who give me support and encouragement everyday,
and I want to Thank myself for the courage to change my life.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” ~James Neil Hollingworth

I celebrated this milestone day with 2 scoops of Protein Ice Cream...

Shelly's Kitchen Sink Protein Ice Cream

1 cup Vanilla Soy Milk (or Regular Milk)
2 scoops of Vanilla Protein Powder
1 Tablespoon Sugar Free Vanilla Torani Syrup
1/4 cup of Crushed "Stuff" (Nuts, Unsweeetened Coconut, Crushed Cookies, SF Chocolate)
Drizzle of Peanut Butter (about 2 Tablespoons nuked a few seconds to thin)

Mix together milk, protein, and syrup. I used this gadget to mix it up. It makes it airy and lump free. If you don't have one just toss it in a blender on super high. You want it fluffy almost double in size. Pour into ice cream maker. Follow your machine's instructions for freezing. 5 minutes before done add crushed stuff.

When done scoop 1/2 out of machine into a Tupperware container. Drizzle Peanut Butter top with other 1/2 of Ice Cream and repeat drizzle.

You can eat it right away it is soft serve-ish but I like to put it in the freezer to set for an hour.

This is a great use for the leftover toppings after making a batch of my Mini Chocolate Protein Donuts... just toss them all in a ziploc and into the freezer and they'll be ready for the next batch of Protein Ice Cream.

More Eggface Protein Ice Cream flavors


Jenny said...

Congrats on the surgiversary!!!!
Can't wait to try the new ice cream recipe. Made your Muffaletta Salad and it is DELISH!!!

Kathy and Judy said...

Happy Surgiversary!!

paige said...

Wow!!! Three years is fabulous!!! I just had my one year a few weeks ago... I can't imagine how I will feel at 3 years out! I know I have depended on your fabulous recipes for much of my journey... thank you for sharing all your ideas with us! Congrats on your 3 years!

Chelsea's Mom said...

Congratulations on your surgiversary! Yesterday was my 6 month surgiversary and I'm down 144 pounds and feeling GREAT! Thanks to you and all your fabulous recipe ideas, I am eating much healthier as well. Thanks!

Heather said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I can't imagine the feeling, and yet I can't wait to get there!

I want to thank Dr. A too! He has brought you to the WLS community where you have provided us with fabulous ideas, recipes and inspiration!!! Thank you!!!!

Happy Surgiversary!!!

Deb4cats said...

Congratulations on your surgiversary!!!

Cindy said...

Congrats on your 3 year surgiversary! You have done so amazing! Thank you for all the great recipes and tips... I look forward to reading your blog daily!

Connie said...

Wow - three years! That's awesome. Here's hoping at three years out I'm doing as well as you are.


dehh68 said...

You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your journey!!!!

txspatter said...

You've done remarkably well. And, yes, it is life changing. My banding was March 12, 09..pounds flew until first fill..kinda stuck since. But, I have my life back and all health issue resolved. Your words stoke me daily -- your recipes show your passion for good health and your willingness to share day in and out indicates drive and goodwill.
I thank you for all of those things. I'm just in my infancy with this and standing in the Battlefield of Mind over matter. Old habits die hard and sometimes they return as ghosts to urge me back to old ways.
However, I'm so thrilled with good health again and a rare second chance at life that I will not backtrack in this battle!
Congrats on your Surgiversary! Keep up your excellent ways and open communication. Matters not if you publish this, just wanted to communicate with you. Thanks for all you do!

RP said...

I have been reading through you blog for a couple of weeks now.

I have a question.

You are eating now the way you always knew you should have.

What is so pivital about the surgery? Why not just start eating like you are now and lose the weight naturally, leaving the surgery out all-together?

Sorry if this has been answered and discussed a million times over.


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments!!! Sometimes it feels like just yesterday and sometimes a million years ago.

Best wishes to all on their journey! Thanks for being a part of mine.


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Good Q RPGypsy :)

I'd lost 100's of pounds throughout my life on various diets only to gain it back and then some. Here's why (for me) my pouch allows me to have a "normal" sized meal and feel satisfied... sometimes beyond satisfied. A chicken breast and a scoop of bean salad made me feel like I had gone to a buffet and filled my plate 4 times. When I was on diets in the past I would eat similarly to what I eat now but I'd be so hungry and obsessing about when my next meal time was... it was all I could think about. Not a way to live life long term. So it worked for a bit and then the deprivation got to me. With my small pouch and yummy food choices... I never feel deprived.

The other piece of the puzzle...

Exercise... 5'2" 295 pounds it hurt to exercise. Literally. My knees, ankles, everything. I did what I could and had a really active job with kids but I was in constant pain... think about carrying another person on your back and trying to treadmill... yeah not pleasant or pretty... Not to affective either I'm guessing technique wise.

I also had several co-morbidities... GERD, Sleep Apnea, High BP all weight related that made exercise hard. Sleep apnea for example... I would stop breathing 80 or more times a night for a few seconds, causing awful broken sleep leaving me dragging ass in the morning. So when I got home from work (I worked 60+ hours a week) I ate a huge carb laden meal and crashed.

ALL my comorbidities were resolved within a month or 2 of weight loss surgery. It's amazing what those first 30 pounds off do. The rapid weight loss and over all feeling better afforded to me with weight loss surgery allowed me to become more active quickly. I used to walk the mall and stop on benches every few stores... I never stop now... I can walk the mall 15 times heck I can run it ;)

Quick mirror results from WLS helps too... when you see bones appear you never knew you had it inspires you.

WLS worked for me (LOL sounds like Hooked on Phonics) it's a decision everyone needs to make for themselves. I felt it was my only way. I knew I'd not be living to long without some drastic change... guts rearranged, stomach severed... drastic change.

I rambled a bit but I hope this answers your Q. This is my story may be different for others.


RP said...

Thanks so much for that Michelle.

I'm 5'8" , I'm 40 and I currently weigh 300 pounds. I have lost and gained about 800 pounds in my lifetime, mostly through Weight Watchers. My mother had the surgery in 1988 and it was and continues to be a disaster. I know things are way different now, and the techniques have improved trememdously since then. I've been encouraged by her doctor and other doctors to get the surgery since 1988. But something in me just keeps me hanging on. My body seemed to handle all of this weight and yo-yo-ing pretty well until the last year or so and, now of course, this is the most I've ever weighed. On top of it all, I'm going blind and have a guide dog, so he needs exercise, and the state of California doesn't really like for blind people to drive, so I'm on foot full time. We just came in from a 2.95 mile walk and my knees hurt most of the time nowdays.

My blood pressure and all other numbers are great, but I recognize, at this age, any minute something is going to go very wrong.

I've been a vegetarian for 8 years, but never liked to use that word, obviously at 300 pounds I'm not eating enough vegetables and a heck of a lot of too much other crap.

I guess I've rambled too, but wanted to let you know that I completely understand where you were. You've done magnificiently and I'm extremely proud of you for keeping it off. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Michelle, and thanks so much for sharing with everyone along the way. You've made life a lot better for many people in the past 3 years and that on top of your WL success is pretty darn phenominal!!

Chelsea's Mom said...

Good answer to RPGypsy. Wondering if he/she has never had a weigh issue? Your answer reflect my life pre and post op as well, and I'm sure it rings true for a lot of your readers. I tried every "diet' known to man, and did OK on some, but it always came back (with some additional). As I tell friends, this is not a DIET, this is a life altering step. In previous diets, I could cheat and the only bad thing is I would gain weight. If I cheat on my pouch, I become VERY ill. This teaches us to eat better and less. The mind still plays games with me, tells me I want to eat something that I shouldn't (and quite honestly, sometimes it wins - and I pay the price). But I know that I am eating better and much less and that is the reason I did this. I'm off 6 different meds from pre-surgery and I am much more active. Isn't that what everyone wants? Thanks again for sharing with us!! You are an inspiration!

Avalon said...

I've been reading for a few months now in prepartion for my RNY, which was done 5/26. Even though I am hospitalized again for unexpected complications, I keep reading with the hopes that one day I can celebrate as happily as you. You are an inspiration to me. Happy surgiversary!


congrats on your surgiversary! You have been a huge inspiration to me over the last year & half. Thank you for all your imaginative recipes.

Best Wishes!

Dazia said...

Congrats on 3 years! I am only 3 months out, but I am loving this new life. Sometimes I miss the bad stuff, but no food tastes as good as skinny feels. I got to tell that to myself everyday.
I love your food, your protien shakes are a life saver.

CiNdYe said...

Congratulations and Happy Surgiversary! You're such an inspiration. I cannot tell you how much your sharing (of your journey AND recipes) has made my adjustment through this process easier. Thank you!

RP said...

I can't thank you enough, Chelsea's Mom for jumping to the wrong conclusion about me. Read my second post. And while you are at it, try walking a mile in my shoes. It was an honest question.

But back to my original question:
Michelle when you said that you had tried to eat this way in the past and that you were starving and that the new small pouch is what made all of the difference for you, that made a lot of sense.
And Chelsea's Mom, when you said that if you overate previously all that would happen was weight gain and now if you overeat you get very sick, that made a lot of sense.

Both of these responses together really answered my question. Thanks so much.

I'll continue to read your blog, Michelle, becuase I'm a vegetarian, I need to watch out for Protien, so I'll keep using your fantastic and very inventive recipes.



Anonymous said...

Congrats on your surgiversary! I know I have benefitted greatly from your blog. Your information helped me decide to go to Dr. A and I am so glad I did. He is a wonderful caring dr. and I don't regret going to Mexico at all. I am 6 months out and down 100 lbs with 20 more to go. Thank you for your yummy recipes!

Chelsea's Mom said...

This is for RPGypsy - please accept my apology. I re-read my first post and it does sound kind of snotty/reactionary. I just didn't understand where you were coming from I guess. So, I am sorry.

I guess it's just that I have always heard from people "why don't you just quit eating so much and/or eat the right foods", like that would magically make me lose weight. As you know, it's never that simple, if it were, none of us would be overweight.

I wish you a lot of luck on your journey, whatever you decide to do. I know it's not an easy decision to make. When I was 40, I was about your weight as well and I felt pretty healthy, all things considered. However, in the next 8 years, my health deteriorated rather quickly. It was downhill after 40! I had to do something and this was what I chose (RNY). You may choose a different path, but please do what is right for you. And best of luck!

Neen said...

Happy 3 years, Shelly! :-)

becky said...

It's a little late, but Happy Surgiversary!!!! I know it was the best decision of my life as well, made me a whole new better person. I'm not sure of my exact date, but I'm about 3 - 4 years out now.

Robin said...

That's it, I am MARCHING down to Bed, Bath & Beyond tomorrow to buy myself an ice cream maker. (got a coupon today! ha!) Took my long enough to crack, didn't it?

RP said...

Hi Chelsea's mom:

I re-read your post and mine and I may have reacted a little harshly myself. Thanks so much for your reply.

I'm so glad to hear that life is going so much better for you. That's what it's all about, right?

Take care,