The List.

Qualities of Eggface's Perfect Man

* Fiercely loyal
* Sense of humor/fun
* Passionate (needs to keep up with this Sicilian chick)
* Honest
* A good conversationalist/intelligent
* Romantic (The little things: holds the door open, gives hugs, says "I love you" first)
* Supportive
* Loves music (Make that good music because seriously if you are President of the Sanjaya Malakar fan club don't even read my blog)
* Loves animals
* Loves my cooking (It's total deal breaker if you don't eat garlic or onions or something freaky like that)
* Wants to hang out and just be with me
* Loves the beach/outdoorsy
* Has a heart (kind, empathetic, warm, concerned about others)
* An even temper (To make up for me not having one. This is not entirely under my control I refer back to being Sicilian)
* Good with finances (I wad my money at the bottom of my purse and scarily rarely think of the future)
* Devilishly handsome and well endowed (Hey a girl can dream)

** Oh and big bonus points if you can do stuff... man stuff I hate to do but currently must do because of my single status like mow lawns, kill bugs, hang pictures and fix things.

I read this list and wonder if it's even feasible to find someone even close. 36 years and haven't found him yet. Am I setting the bar too high? Do I need a reality check?

It's OK be honest. I can take it.

I think of that line in Sleepless in Seattle... "You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie."

We're friends you can tell me, "Michelle, no one will ever pull a John Cusack and stand with a boom box over his head at your bedroom window."

Actually that boom box looked really heavy and dropping that on your head could cause serious injuries. OK, I guess I wouldn't want someone to do that... for the whole song ;)


Donna said...

You know, they say that just making a list puts out the vibration for what you want. Check out Michel Lossier's book. :)

Donna said...

You're still young! Hold out for who it is you want! You'll never regret when you find them. :)

Kim H. said...

You can't have my husband... :-) But there are some out there... I found one!!

Michelle said...

Hey Donna, "The Laws of Attraction" guy. Yeah I agree I figured I'd make a list to go to the store. I should get in my mind what I really want.


Kim, Good to know they are out there ;)


Barb Del Piano said...

I have to say. This is definately one of your BEST BLOG POSTS in a LONG TIME and might I add, keeping with your theme.The Recipe of Eggface's dream man. I seriously believe he IS out there. Well endowed & waiting!

Maija said...

Oh, I'm so sorry - I married that guy around 20 years ago!

You are so lovely- you will find your soul mate!

Michelle said...


Thanks. Thought you'd love the "holds the door open" line ;)



Thank you. I hope so.

DCY said...

11 out of 16, don't sound to bad, but my standards might not have been so high at the time I met mine, LOL He is just right for me and someday you will meet the one that is just right for you, even if he doesn't meet all your criteria. Very cute blog. Awaiting your next scrumptious recipe.

Flying Sarah said...

Sure he exists and when he starts to get on your nerves you simply unplug him and let the air out....

kris said...

Girl, there is nothing wrong w/your list or standards. God has the right one for you and when you meet him you will understand the importance of the right timing. Mine should be coming around the corner anytime now. :-) Kris

Amber said...

I don't think those things are unreasonable at all!

I will say, being an old married lady of a whopping 6 months, that what makes a person special is not always who they are or how they act. It' how they make you feel.

I know for me, I knew my husband was "the one" because he made me feel more like myself than anyone else on the planet. It's very difficult to describe.

My suggestion for meeting "the one" is to get involved with groups that relate to things you're passionate about. Check out and see if there are some healthy cooking groups you might be interested in, or photography, or whatever gets your blood going.

That's how my husband and I met, via a group of wacky people who had one thing in common... our love of Disneyland.

Keep your heart and mind open to possibilities, but DON'T SETTLE!!!!

You're a pretty amazing lady, I'm sure there is an equally amazing guy out there for you!

Lisa said...

My guy, whom I'm marrying next week in fact, has lots of those qualities! OK, he can't fix a damn thing and tries anyway, which means he usually ends up breaking stuff and then has to call in an expensive professional, and he's far from outdoorsy, but he more than makes up for it with his hilarious sense of humor, intelligence, and kind heart. He has never tried to change me, and is convinced that I'm totally hot, even when I was MO. We met 7 years ago on, and our love has grown deeper each year as we've grown together. I'm 40 and he's 41. So, hang in there-your man is out there.

Kathy said...

Just a few comments. One, if he is the the pres of the Sanjaya fan club he is most likely gay and not for you. Two, YOU CAN'T HAVE MY HUBBY!!! LOL Mine is Sicilian too but so even tempered. Keeps it nice with my German temper.

Jinkers said...

I heart that John Cusack scene - and that song ok now the song is stuck in my brain.....

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and it has made my day. I read recently of a woman who wrote her list for the perfect guy and within a year she had met him. It made me sit down and write mine.

It's odd but I have this feeling that he is waiting around the corner for you. Good luck and thans for brightening my day and giving me hope.n

Amy said...

Ah yes, the list...I have one is actually incredibly like yours. And I'll be 40 in, oh, about 55 minutes and I'm still waiting and believing he'll materialize. Love is too important to "settle" on anything less than your dreams. Keep looking Michelle!

april said...

love it!!!! i have a list too. i haven't updated it in a long time. i really need to do that. i think you seem like such an awesome person and i can't believe you haven't found him already. i can't wait to hear about him when you do meet!!!!

Jessica Chitwood said...

I once made a list of qualities I wanted in a man and low and behold I found all of them, in my girlfriend (now fiancee):) lol On another note I am 6 weeks post op and LOVE your website it is such an inspiration :) -58 lbs and feeling great

Slim Smitty said...

I hope you can find a guy that will stand outside your window with an iHome and blast music for you... way romantic and shows he's up on technology :D