Good Karma

So I went through my closet for the first time since surgery today... I am donating 6 huge bags of clothes. I didn't do the whole closet and I never touched the hallway closet so maybe next week I'll do that. I can't believe how much stuff I had... and now I don't :( I need to win a shopping spree or soon I'll be stealing fig leaves off the tree. Scary! Anyway... this afternoon we are off to drop off my donations. I feel good that someone will benefit from my loss (literally LOL). I'm donating all my work stuff (suits, blouses, dress slacks) to a neat organization called Dress for Success the rest is going to the Salvation Army Thrift.

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Maven said...

You have so many great ideas. I have posted the link to Dress for Success as a reminder for myself for later on down the line.