In Case of Emergency: Essentials for the Weight Loss Surgery Post-Op

Watching the Weather Channel and seeing impending Hurricane Harvey in the Gulf got me thinking of my friends in the path of the storm. I hope they are safe and prepared if they are sheltering in place or have the basic emergency essentials in a bag ready to toss in the car if they are told they need to evacuate.

We don't have hurricanes in Southern California, our threats are earthquakes and wildfires but really everyone needs to be prepared. Here's some of the items in mine designed with the weight loss surgery post-op in mind.

Disaster Preparedness Emergency Kit Food Safety Evacuation

List of Emergency Essentials: 

Plenty of Water & SF Drink Sticks
Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes (shelf stable) or Protein Powder Travel Packets (easily mixed in a bottle of water or Blender Bottle Shaker)
Boxed Bone Broth or Soup
Tuna, Salmon, Crab Packets
Canned Beans or Veggies
Protein Bars & Snacks
Roasted Edamame
Beef, Turkey, Chicken Jerky
Peanut Butter
No Sugar Added Applesauce or Fruit Cups
Can Opener
Weather Radio
First Aid Supplies
A Guide to Basic First Aid and CPR (or better yet take a course)
Your Bariatric Vitamins & any Medications you are currently taking
Copies of your Important Information (emergency phone #'s, maps, addresses, important account #'s/passwords, medical info, insurance info, a portable flash drive with your import info & family photos)
Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Hot Hands
Basics like Toilet paper, Soap, Disposal Tooth Brushes, Tissues/Paper Towel, Trash Bags
Wrench or Pliers to turn off utilities (if needed)
Fire Extinguisher
Cellphone w/backup battery or solar charger
Socks and closed-toe Shoes

Remember the special needs of those in your home:
Pet Food & Supplies
Baby Food & Supplies
Extra Hearing-Aid Batteries, Glasses, Folding Cane, etc.
Kids: Comfort Item, Small Book/Crayons

Every few months set a calendar reminder to rotate food/water items in your kit. You wouldn't want the you-know-what to hit the fan only to find out your can of beans expired in 1998.

Great Resource for Checklists and Planning Info
Resources for Coping with Natural Disasters

Remember friends and family will be worried so when you can use Twitter or Facebook to share that you're OK. Stay safe everyone! Feel free to comment with any items you add to your kit.

Me, 5 years old looking bored with it all, day after Hurricane Belle, in front of the tree that fell across my road, Center Moriches, Long Island.