Friday Five

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1. New Product: Trader Joe's Everything but the Bagel Seasoning - all the yummy seedy bits that are on an everything bagel without the bagel. I seriously want to SPRINKLE THIS ON ALL THE THINGS! Salads, soups, egg, tuna or crab salad, on deviled eggs, scrambled egg bowls, cooked veggies.

Cool New Product

I made these suckers the other day... cucumber slices, hard cooked egg, smoked salmon, sprinkle of Everything but the Bagel seasoning. HEAVEN.

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Get yourself some. No Trader Joe's nearby? Grrr bummer. There's a very similar product is available online called Bagel Spice.

2. Another yummy product: If you are a cheese lover and heading to Costco this weekend be sure you toss a bag of these Cello Whisps - Parmesan Cheese Crisps in your cart. I love these when you want a little salty crunch. A couple with a cold cut roll-up is a perfect low carb, protein packed lunch.
Warning: Addictive, so just be sure to portion them out and not mindlessly reach into the bag. 15 crisps (quarter size), 100 cals, 0 carbs, 7 grams fat, 9 grams protein.

Cheese Crunchy Snacks Weight Loss Surgery

You can also sprinkle a couple on top of a salad or soup, sort of like a crouton (that's where you will find them in Costco on the same aisle as salad toppings: croutons, bacon bits, etc.)

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I'm going to grab another bag this week and pulverize some and attempt a chicken coating. I'll let you know how it goes.

No Costco? Trader Joe's has a very similar product I talked about a few weeks back called Baked Cheese Bites.

More Eggface Sweet & Savory Snacks

3. Couple of things to check out online: Once a month (2nd Sunday of every month at 9 pm EST) a group of bariatric surgeons, patients, healthcare professionals, and advocates have been meeting for a tweetchat. Topics so far have been weight bias, access to treatment. Mark your calendar and join in (or just read along by scrolling through the hashtag #OBSM) this Sunday April 9th, 9PM ET #OBSM tweetchat! This month's topic: Weight Regain 

What's a Tweetchat?

Also online: A blog post I wrote for the Your Weight Matters Blog about a few phone apps I'm loving right now.

4. DYK: Celebrate Vitamins offers a HUGE sampler pack of vitamins for only 3 bucks. 27 different samples are included. So if you are a new post-op or have slipped with your vitamin regimen you can find some new favs. Also... the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) has recently released new guidelines and if you are a fan of chews (starburst style) Celebrate's Multi Chews are the only chew that currently meets those ASMBS guidelines. Oh and Celebrate gives you a $3 off your first purchase coupon so basically the sampler pack ends up being free. Learn more about the Sampler Pack.

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Learn more about the ASMBS new guidelines on Friday, August 11th at the Your Weight Matters National Convention. One of the sessions will break it all down... Guidance in the Guidelines: Looking at Your Nutritional Needs after Bariatric Surgery including how to recognizing the signs and symptoms of deficiencies and what you can do to prevent them. Spoiler alert: Take your vitamins ;) Check out the #YWM2017 agenda.

5. I need your help! It's the last few days to get in on the giveaway I have going on to benefit the Your Weight Matters Scholarship fund. CLICK HERE TO ENTER. You will be doing an awesome thing getting someone closer to being able to come to a truly life changing event and ANY amount gets you an entry in the special giveaway (over $200 worth of awesome products) Ends Sunday. Winner announced here on the blog on Monday.

If every reader gave even $1 I'd be so jazzed and so thankful!

More about the Your Weight Matters National Convention.