Crafty - DIY: Make Your Own Christmas Cards

Every year at Christmas time my Mum and I come up with some crafty project to do together. I highly recommend it. It's a great chance for mothers, sisters, kids, friends to disconnect from the holiday hustle and bustle, sing, tell stories, laugh and make memories. Back in the day, we'd bake way too many cookies and cakes and since post weight loss surgery that's really not an option for me. Each year we've come up with something fun, creative and less caloric to do instead. We've made tote bags and ornaments over the years but we decided we had plenty of both of those.

This year we decided to make homemade Christmas cards. We gathered together some crafty bits and bobs, turned on Christmas music and started our secret card projects. It was perfect I was still feeling a little under the weather (though much better than earlier in the week) and it was raining out and people don't know how to drive in rain in Southern California (sorry, you know it's true) so we were better off inside.

Non Food Fun Holiday Activities Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery Blog

You need:
Blank Cards (or hard cardstock folded into a card)
Glue, tape
An assortment of ribbons, buttons, pom poms, pipe cleaners, yarn, etc.
Scissors, crafty hole punches, stapler, ruler
Tags, gift wrap, stickers

Non Food Fun Holiday Activities Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery Blog

I bought one of those science project tri-fold presentation boards at the $1 store, cut it in half, horizontally to make sure we could see each other's masterpieces before we presented the finished project. We were all about the surprise factor.
Christmas Music a little Michael BublĂ© and Spotify on random
Weight Loss Surgery Friendly Tidbits I assembled a few tidbits for lunch: Pickles and Olives, Ham, Marcona Almonds, California Cheddar and Cranberry Wensleydale Cheddar.

Eggface Bariatric Surgery friendly Party Tidbits

Our finished products...

Non Food Fun Holiday Activities Weight Loss Bariatric Surgery Blog

 This will definitely be a new holiday tradition.