Heads up: #YWM2015 National Convention Scholarship Program

The Obesity Action Coalition wants to make attending the Convention a reality for any individual interested in benefiting from this AMAZING 3-day educational event! The Convention Scholarship Program is designed to open the doors up to give any individual the ability to gain the knowledge they need, without letting the expense get in the way.

The Convention Scholarship Program is NOW OPEN and accepting scholarship applications to help bring individuals who would not otherwise be able to attend ‪#‎YWM2015! The DEADLINE TO SUBMIT an application is MARCH 31. Scholarship applications submitted past this date will not be considered.


Please consider taking the time to apply. The form is really quite simple, just a few questions. The need last year was of course greater than the amount the OAC had to award but many people were able to attend who otherwise would not have been... registration, travel, it was awesome. It's worth a shot!! Trust me this event is something that is life changing and I credit with helping me stay on track with my health goals.

The applications are reviewed by an independent review group at George Washington University so rest assured I don't see them, thankful of this as I'd never be able to choose. I want you all to go! FYI: applicants not eligible to receive a scholarship include: health professionals seeking CE Credits; and relatives of OAC staff, National Board Members, or OAC Committee Members (or actual members of these groups.)

Go do it now.
Don't put it off... a couple of questions.

I'd also ask you please share the information and links with friends, family, support groups, online groups, gyms, walking groups, yoga class, anyone... so that others might benefit.

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