Please Sign the Obesity Action Coalition Petition to Remove Fat Shaming Apps


Please take a moment to sign the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC)'s petition to ask iTunes, Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. to remove fat shaming apps like Fatify, Fat Booth, Fat You! and others.

For more information and TO SIGN THE PETITION

Obesity is not a laughing matter. It is a disease. One that killed my father, and one that nearly killed me. There is nothing funny about it.

It hurts my heart to think of the kids that will be made fun of or taunted with crap like this. Studies (via CDC) show weight is likely the leading cause of bullying and one study even showed that nearly 20% of girls who faced weight bullying attempted (not thought about, ATTEMPTED) suicide. Time to put our foot down and nail stuff like this when we see it.

Thank you for adding your name to the PETITION and for SHARING this petition on your social media accounts. Take a further step and use this easy form to send letters to the CEO's of the above companies.


Brian Green said...

Just wanted you to know that I signed the petition, its just cruel plain old cruel

Staci Bennett said...

I signed it too. Having spent the majority of my life overweight, I sympathize with the fight today's children have to endure. I hope our voices are heard and these companies help take action.
thank you for sharing

Dawn E said...

I signed Eggface.