Weight bias in health care is UNACCEPTABLE

Watching this Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity video gave me flashbacks :(  

Weight bias in health care is UNACCEPTABLE. I'd like every health care professional in America to watch this and if they don't "get it" consider a new profession.

How many of us have faced (are facing) this kind of bias and stigmatization and then avoid Dr's like the plague missing out on follow-up appointments, preventive health services and exams, cancer screenings, pelvic exams, mammograms. It is scary, sad and wrong. Dr.'s offices should be a safe zone.

P.S. Membership in the Obesity Action Coalition makes a great gift to yourself.

Jumping off soap box now, now back to your regularly scheduled holiday merriment.


Anonymous said...

Before WLS I was told by many people to go see this world renound orthopedic surgeon for some chronic knee problems I was having. Took me months to get in.
He told me my issue was because of my weight and since it was not a sports injury (eluding to me bringing it on myself), he did not want to treat me. He told me he couldn't trust me to take care of my knee properly if I couldn't take care of my weight properly. I still see this man on TV from time to time and I want to punch him in the face.

Vikki Plummer said...

Hi Shelly, you are such a delight and I am so glad to have found you. Thanks for the video on weight bias maybe there will be more awareness of the stigma that overweight people are subjected to. xoxo Vikki

Deedee said...

I must be a lucky one. I have NEVER encountered anything like this. Sure, I've had doctors who've told me that I need to improve my diet, exercise more, etc, and have encouraged me in my efforts, but I have never been treated like the woman in the video. My gynecologist urged me to drop some weight because at my age I was facing more serious complications, but never shamed me. My primary care physician never mentioned my weight unless I brought it up. And since losing 107 pounds I've noticed no change either way in the manner in which I'm treated by any of the office staff.

I feel really bad for those who are treated with such bias, and hope they know that there ARE doctors out there who don't do this.

AmyB said...

A good friend was told flatly by his doctor he HAD to lose weight first or no knee surgery. He's in pain every day and now walks with a limp and is totally demoralized. He can't be active as his knee hurts too much - so it's kind of like catch 22 now. If his knee felt good he'd be out walking and riding his bike every day ... instead he sits and just tries to starve the weight off. Not good.