Ramblings: I'm worth the fight.

I used to blame a lot on my weight. If only I wasn't fat all the sh!t in my life would be gone with the pounds. I don't mean the health issues I was dealing with... GERD, Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure those sucked but I mean the dark stuff, that leads some of us to medicate with food.

With a little help from weight loss surgery, lots of changing how I eat and move, and freedom from the health issues that were taking their toll on my body and spirit... I lost the weight.

Guess what? When the weight was gone and some sh!t was still sh!tty, there was no more saying "if only I lost the weight XYZ would be better, awesome, PERFECT..."

A light starts glaring on that dark stuff, those issues in our life that contributed to our obesity. Call it a wake-up call, an epiphany, a realization but you start to see how the fat wasn't the cause, it was the effect.

Now what? You have some choices to make... hide from the issues (did a little of that), deny them (did a little of that), or face 'em and start chipping away at them one by one (it was time.)

I've said it before on the blog and it bears repeating...

You can't continue the same behavior and expect a different result.

I often say it when discussing my having to give up a few trigger foods I had no control over but it is also apropos to working on the issues that led us on this journey. The why's of why we gained weight. If the why's (and WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT WHY'S) are still around or pop up in your life from time to time, it's time to start chipping away at them because NOT DEALING with them... well, we all know where that got us.

The same way you chose weapons to help you fight obesity (surgery, exercise, healthy food, etc.) find a weapon to help you fight the dark stuff (family, friends, doctors, therapy, support groups, healthier outlets, etc.) It's scary, hard, and painful. I can tell you though with every chip I make at my dark stuff, at my why's, I gain a little more courage and strength to chip some more. Will I ever be done? Not sure, but I'm worth the fight.

Cyber hugs from one fellow fighter to another.

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