Off to #YWM2015 The Your Weight Matters Convention

I'm heading to the Your Weight Matters National Convention #YWM2015 this week. #YWM2015 not only marks our 4th National Convention but it also is the 10th anniversary year of the Obesity Action Coalition. For the past 10 years the OAC has been the voice of those affected by obesity through advocacy, support and education. The journey of those 10 years ultimately led to the creation of the Your Weight Matters National Convention as a way to extend the OAC’s commitment to sharing evidence-based education on weight and health and providing an opportunity for this supportive community to come together.

I can finally take the #YWM2015 Save The Date postcard off the fridge.
I am super excited and proud to be part of the Convention Planning Committee. I can't wait for everyone to experience the wonderful speakers and education in the agenda this year and especially to experience the wonderful community, reconnect with friends and make new ones! I hope many of you will be in attendance. We have record breaking numbers so I know I will get to meet many of you!! Awesome.

If you are not headed to Texas this year, please consider attending the event next year (2016 location will be announced Friday night) it really is an event not to be missed. For me... it's a way to renew my commitment to my health. It energizes me and the inspiration and motivation carries me throughout the year. Well worth the price of admission ;) I'd say.

Catch a glimpse of the fun on social media... I will be tweeting, snapping pics, maybe even taking a few videos from inside the action (and behind the scenes) so if you want to follow along be sure to follow my social media accounts:


The official hashtag is #YWM2015 if you'd like to follow along and follow the Obesity Action Coalition's tweets too.

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Cheryl said...

Shelly: I didn't make it this year, but next year I am sincerely hoping to be able to come. If there are no easily accessible support groups in your area (and although there are support groups in my area, none are that close to me), I think your statement that it can help carry you through the year is a good one. So I plan to start preparing now for next year.