Protect Your Protein Bar

If you are like me you toss a protein bar into your purse "just in case" or to have as a healthier option when out with pals and faced with 500+ calorie pastries and desserts. When traveling, it's a better option than expensive airport grub and I can't tell you how many times I've checked in to a hotel only to find that the restaurant is closed, room services has ended and my options are now a nighttime walk in an unfamiliar city to the nearest 24-hour greasy spoon (not appealing) or chips and soda from the vending machine (not an option.) My secret protein stash has saved me time and time again. I reach into my bag and voila yummy protein.

Here's a solution to keep your bars safe from getting bashed around with all that other stuff we feel the need to carry in our purse... cell phones, make-up, random dinosaurs or Matchbox cars.

A hard eyeglass case. How cool is that?!

They hold two typical size bars nicely and when I go to eat them they won't be a bashed up, hot mess. You can find them online or most Walgreens/CVS type stores carry them near the eyeglass repair kits and sunglasses. My current purse stash: Premier Protein Honey Caramel and Cookies & Cream. Premier Protein bars have a yummy chocolaty coating but bashing around in my monstrosity of a purse can do a number on them. These cases are a great solution and when you really need your portable protein it will be as pretty as the day you bought them.

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This post is sponsored by Premier Protein. All of the opinions are mine. For the purposes of this post Premier Protein provided me with products used. Thanks for the yummy bars. Want to learn more about all of Premier's great products LIKE their Facebook page and tell them The World According to Eggface told you to stop by.

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Glenda U said...

Going to join everyone on the losers bench tomorrow!

Glittergoddess0 said...

Congrats Glenda. I will join you in August. This is a great idea and I have a super cute Vera Bradley case I got with my glasses.

Unknown said...

Wow! Great idea, thanks for sharing this. I can't wait to try it.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!Great idea!

Kristen said...

Awesome idea! I have struggled with this every time I travel.

Anonymous said...

Liked and shared...and love thrir protein drinks!!!

Can_Lil_Saint said...

WOW I love this idea! That is why you get paid the big bucks LOL

11 flavours?!?!!? Dang we are missing out here in Canada with our 4.

joatsaint said...

That's a great idea. I hadn't thought of carrying a protein bar in a case. But I'm a guy and it wouldn't work very well for me. Do you think Otterbox could start making a more "guy" friendly case that I could wear on my hip next to my phone? :-P

Anonymous said...

brilliant! i was meant to see this as, just this morning, I was wondering what to do with a hard eyeglass case (it used to hold cell phone accessories but I don't need them anymore)