My Current Favorite Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

1. A pal of mine Marlys shared this idea the other day on Facebook, I absolutely loved it and I had to make a few. She called them "Blessing Bags." Basically, they are bags to keep in the car to share with those in need and homeless people in your neighborhoods. I just passed one out yesterday.

It's a nice project to do with kids (your own whippersnappers, Girl Scout Troops or Boy Scouts, Sunday School Class) to teach them about caring for others. You'll need a few Gallon Size Ziploc Bags and the stuff (The $1 store is great place to find stuff for your bags and on your next trip save those hotel courtesy shampoos, lotion, etc.)

Ideas for items to include in your "Blessing Bags"

Packages of tissues
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Nuts or Trail Mix
Raisins, Applesauce, Fruit Cup
Protein or Granola Bars
Tuna or Chicken Salad Kit
First Aid Kit
Sewing Kit
Drink Mix
Coins or a couple of bucks
Grocery Store or local Restaurant Gift Card
Hand Wipes
Pen/Mini Notebook
Feminine Products
Depending on the weather in your area you could also put in a Warm Pair of Socks, a Rain Poncho, Hot Hands.

I plan on keeping a couple in the car and if I haven't given them out in a month or so I'll swap them out with new ones and donate these to my local food bank.

2. Do you read magazines or paperback books? I know with the advent of Kindles and digital books the numbers have dwindled but I know there are still some of you who like to feel the pages of a real book. What do you do with them when you are finished reading them? Do they go on a shelf or get stacked in a pile in the corner of that room you dump stuff in? I would like to suggest you find the address of your local senior center and donate the books there.

My Mum is old school and reads paperbacks. I usually score a big bag at the Friends of the Library or Thrift Store for her once a month and she tears through them. I used to just send them back to where I got them but when I was checking on something once at city hall I got into a chat with a lady who said she brought her books to the seniors. Most are on Social Security income (scary little $) and can't afford $6-7 bucks for a book. I can not tell you how jazzed they are to get new books, their eyes lit up. Made my day! I put an empty box in the garage and when I get a dozen or so books (doesn't take long with my Mum) I drop them off. To find your nearest senior center call your local government office or your state's Department of Aging.

3. The day after Halloween when you are surrounded by candy have your kids pick out a few of their favs and consider donating the rest to the troops. Operation Gratitude (awesome organization) makes up care packages for the troops and includes some candy in the boxes. Something to make friends with local kids with or a taste of home. They have some very specific guidelines to follow to donate so here's the web page with all the 411.

I don't give out candy at the house. The neighborhood kids will get lots of candy but from my house. Yes, I am THAT house. They are getting something off my Alternatives to Halloween Candy List.

Trust me your kids with be thrilled with the handful of Butterfingers and Snickers they keep and get into helping the troops. Get that candy out of the house. Sobering stats: Eat 4 "fun size" candy bars and you've consumed approximately 320 calories. You will need to walk 3.4 miles to burn them off. Now that's not so fun.

and Here's another fun project I hope you will JOIN ME in.