I am a PROUD WLSer!

In response to the misinformed person who emailed me and suggested I cheated by having weight loss surgery...

Almost 5 yrs ago I made the best decision of my life: I had weight loss surgery (RNY gastric bypass 6/20/06), my BMI was 54 at the time, I was suffering from severe GERD, severe sleep apnea, dangerously high blood pressure.

Now: thankfully all medical conditions have been resolved, off all medications (I was on 8), went from a tight size 28 to 4.

Having surgery *is not a solution for everyone* it was the right one for me, it was the HEAD START I needed to change my life but as anyone who has had WLS knows it goes HAND IN HAND with HEALTHY EATING, DAILY EXERCISE & MOST IMPORTANTLY (the hardest part IMHO) working on the HEAD.

This is a LIFELONG WAR VS. OBESITY. Having surgery was just one battle every day I wake up & fight. My best wishes to everyone fighting the war with whatever weapon they choose to fight with.

I am a PROUD WLSer!

P.S. I debated responding but you are obviously in need of education ;) happy to help.