I'm really trying not to obsess... the greatest troubles are those that never happen. I keep saying it. How about listening?!?

Latest worries... lifting stuff, follow-up care, dying, sleeping on my back, getting my period after surgery (most do), stressing my Mom out, drinking enough water, did I mention dying... :) It does help to write these fears. I fear dying from being to fat too so it is a crap shoot.

I probably have had too much time before my date... I should have picked one closer... that way I had less time to think. I'm a snowball thinker... that is I start with this little snowball size thought and roll it over and over in my mind until I have a freaking avalanche o' crap. I know this yet I really have little control over it. I try to let go of it and give it to God but I am weak. I need to work on this.

So I had a nice long weekend... well still am having it as we have Monday off. Woo Hooo! BBQ'd today and watched old Laguna Beach episodes... they are doing a marathon leading up to the premier of "The Hills" yes I'll be watching I'm a sucker for shit like that. I also watched my taped Finale of "Top Chef" and hooray Harold won!

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Savanna said...

I understand the death worrying... I'm trying not to think about it as everything progresses. I live your blog, you give me hope. Look at you now- amazing!!