Heading to Denver

Heading to Denver, Colorado for the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) Annual Planning Meeting and Retreat. Once a year we get the whole Board of Directors together to do planning for the year, work on projects that are best done in person and do a check in on how all our goals and plans are coming along. It's always held in the hotel that will be the host hotel for the big Your Weight Matters National Convention the OAC puts on each year (Hope to see you there in July! Sign up for updates, speaker and agenda release, discount room block, etc.)

If you'd like to follow my adventures this weekend be sure to check out my Twitter feed. I'll be tweeting my travels. You'll see lots of recipe and food posts on my Twitter account but warning, I have been known to go off on political and social rants or randomly bitch about something happening in my world. Of course, you can follow my other social media pages Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest for more food and recipe related posts those are rant-free zones (LOL mostly)

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Donna Janson said...

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