Healthy DIY, Homemade & Budget Gift Ideas

As promised, a few of my favorite DIY, Homemade & Budget Gift Ideas perfect for the health conscious friends and family in your life...

Protein Bar Basket - This is one of my favorites to make because everyone is getting goodie baskets of cookies and chocolate at the holidays and this is one just for us. You need: a basket or bucket or some sort, holiday crinkle-cut paper shreds and an assortment of Protein Bars.

Movie Night Treats -  a popcorn container (you might ask for a freebie next time you are at the theater), popcorn kernels, popcorn seasoning and other healthier snacks like: nuts, jerky, protein bars. I also tucked in some "soda" flavored drink sticks. If budget allows a Redbox, Amazon Gift Card or an actual DVD of a favorite movie.

Protein Shakes - An assortment of single serving/travel packets of protein shakes and a shaker bottle or insulated tumbler. This one is especially great for a new post-op, single serving/travel packets help you find your favorite before spending $$ on a big tub only to find out it's not your cup of tea. You could add mini bottles of flavored SF syrups or SF pudding change up flavors even more.

Music - Make a modern-day version of an 80's mixtape. Pick the songs for your mixtape playlist... maybe a theme like favorite workout songs or motivational songs, music to de-stress or chill out to. Copy the songs from your playlist to a USB drive, tie a bow on it and voila! Here's a great USB drive that even looks like an old-school cassette tape.

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Vince Perugini said...

I really like that your options are different than normal. There are many holiday gift lists out right now but they seem to recycle the same products. Your ideas here are unusual and they would be fun to make and to give.

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