Celebrate Earth Day - Recycle Projects WLS Style

Living a healthier lifestyle as a weight loss surgery post-op you probably have found you have suddenly acquired a few extra items in your recycle bin each month. I know I usually have a few plastic protein tubs and especially in the first year or so I had some used clothing that were not quite suitable for donation (ex. jeans with some thigh wear.)

Here's a couple of recycled crafts that make use of those items and help protect the environment and landfills at the same time.

WLS Weight Loss Surgery Fitness Workout

You need: Protein Tubs (Fit Frappe Spiced Chai Protein Drink are my favorite tubs), Duct Tape (or contact paper or stickers), scissors
Uses: Storage for protein bars (how I use mine), pet treats, crayons, road trip toys, bird seed, Christmas bows, cotton balls, etc.

Weight Loss Jeans Denim Bariatric Surgery Craft Recycle

You need: Old Jeans (I loved the embroidery bottom of these), zipper, needle/thread or sewing machine. Coin Purse Instructions.


Cheryl said...

Thanks for the great ideas Michelle. It always seems such a shame to just throw the protein tubs away and I have lots of little things that could use a more organized place to live without a trip to the Container Store.

Kathy Sinnard said...

I received my Celebrate Vitamins yesterday! What a great surprise to also find all kinds of samples of their other products in the package too! I already use their calcium but now have other choices to consider! Thanks!!! Kathy Sinnard