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A weekly round-up of tidbits, tips, ideas, news articles, random cool things from the weight loss, health, nutrition, fitness, obesity, weight loss surgery world.

1.  If you are like me you toss a protein bar into your purse or carry-on "just in case" and it gets bashed around for a few days (or err ummm weeks) and then when you really need it, it's not the most appealing option. This is the solution:

A hard eyeglass case. How cool is that?! They hold two typical size bars nicely. My current stash: the new Banana Bread Quest Protein Bar and Double Chocolate Vanilla Crunch Pure Protein Bar  and when I go to eat them now they won't be a bashed up, hot mess.

2. Update on the Obesity Action Coalition "Your Weight Matters" Convention - a little bird told me we are getting close to the first 150 registrants. The first 150 get entered into a drawing for 3 nights at the hotel free. Be sure to get in on that. If you have questions about the convention I am part of the Welcoming Committee and happy to answer them...

or chat with any of the other members of the committee: Pam, Amber, Tammy, or Jacqueline.

If you think someone in your circle will benefit from attending please share the video invitation with them. Also if you are member of an online forum or in-person support group please pass on the info. The more the merrier.

3. Some articles I read this week that were worth checking out:

Obesity on the menu’ for kids, group says - from the article the worst offender: Applebee’s grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough bread with fries and 2% chocolate milk kid's meal = 1,200 calories and 21 grams of saturated fat.
Cafeterias become learning laboratories
Menus labels may sway those who need them most
Major weight loss tied to microbe excretions (ewww excretions but at least they are researching)
Hosting Walking Meetings - If you have a staff or office this is a GREAT idea!
and this must read awesome article from a Dr. who is also a weight loss surgery patient. I meant to post on the blog awhile back but looks like I only posted on Facebook & Twitter. I don't want anyone to miss it: Why am I struggling with my weight? I am doing everything right! by Walter Medlin, MD, FACS

4. A few products I've found, used or spotted this week:

In May, I will be attended the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America Meet & Greet in Las Vegas and one of the event supporters is EatSmart Products. I wanted to give them a shout-out for helping to support our community events and share with you a few of my favorite EatSmart products. The EatSmart Precision Plus Bathroom Scale is a great product. The weight capacity is 440 lbs. which is one of the highest on the market and it has a nice wide foot space. It has a quick response display, just step onto the scale and in seconds you'll have an accurate readout to the nearest .2 lbs. I'd show a picture of myself on the scale but this is a family friendly blog and I usually weigh myself stark naked. 'Cause hello?! My PJ's are flannel, flannel is heavy. Another awesome product they make is their EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale, it's stylish so you can leave it out on the counter and measure all your ingredients before adding them to your recipes (or my recipes.) There is even a feature to deduct the weight of the bowl or plate you are using. Proper portion sizes are so important. A kitchen scale is a must have in my book. If you are in the market for a bathroom scale or kitchen scale I highly recommend checking out an EatSmart scale.

Oh and the cute logo on their products is a subtle daily reminder of what we should all be doing... Eating Smart!

I am super excited about this gadget. As some of you know my Mum fell a while back and as part of her therapy she bought this Footsmart Pedal Exerciser. Well she can only do a few minutes a day guess who has been loving it the rest of the day. Me. I put it under my desk and bike as I type. I'm doing it right now. It's got a groovy display with calories burned and speed and all that good stuff. It's an easy way to get in a little extra movement a day and it really fun. If you don't have much room for exercise equipment this is for you.

and some food finds... FlapJacked Protein Pancake Mix. I scored a few samples of these mixes to try out, fortified with Whey Protein Isolate. They come in three flavors: Cinnamon Apple (yum), Banana Hazelnut or traditional Buttermilk pancakes. They are great as pancakes (just mix with water) or you can use them in recipes like my ricotta pancakes for even more protein bang for your buck.

MiO Blueberry Lemonade - MiO has been around for awhile but this is apparently a fairly new flavor. I had tried MiO in the past and it was OK but I never bought it again. This one is really good. It's found in the same area you find crystal light, Costco carries a 3-pack of a few flavors not this Blueberry Lemonade one unfortunately, or online. It's perfect to toss in my carry-on bag (it's under 3 oz. so meets TSA standards) to save me from becoming a shriveled up dehydrated prune or worse on trips. I do a lot of conventions and conferences and most to them have coffee but usually only have half and half which in any larger quantity than a sip or two will cause me discomfort (liquid milk and I post surgery don't get along) and I'm not a lover of plain water (bad I know) so this is great for me.

Check out EatSmart Products, Footsmart, Flapjacked and Mio on Facebook and tell 'em Eggface sent you.

5. Be sure to stop back by the blog this weekend... something fun is in the works!

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Vera Vita said...

What a great article by Dr. Medlin! Thanks so much for sharing that. I've been struggling with getting back on track after a major cycle of debilitating depression and that helped me pick out some of my major flaws in thinking.

Thanks for all you share and for keeping us all up to date. Keep up the great work you do!


Kathy Sinnard said...

Love the eyeglasses case idea. I only use my protein bar in my bag as last resort. They tend to make me nauseated. I have yet to find a bar that does not do that. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all you do! Kathy

Marc said...

I love the footpedal thing! I spend so many hours a day at a desk, I could probably burn a heck of a lot of calories as I type :)

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Glad you enjoyed the article Vera. I didn't want anyone to miss it.


Kathy, I like Quest and Pure Protein Soft Baked. Oh Yeah used to make yummy wafer protein bars but discontinued them.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Marc, I'm a fidget so I just pedaled all day and LOL 40 miles later.

The Crone said...

I love the eyeglass case idea. Thank you for that one. Although I think I just threw out all my old ones. Darn!

I eat a lot of protein bars.

Deena said...

Great Idea!!!! Will definitely start putting my protein bars in an eyeglass case. No more smooshy bars for me. Thanks.

Deb said...

Awesome tips, Thanks

Anonymous said...

Would love to try the pancake mix and the syrups!
Kathy Mentzel

mindy said...

Just finished reading "Stranger Here"... was super excited to see your blog mentioned in the back.. congrats :)

Love all you post and all your tips, thank you so much

Bella said...

I just heard about the Quest bars, and tried a few this week. They're great. What a clever idea to keep them in the hard sunglasses case!

I have an EatSmart scale and absolutely LOVE it.

Thanks for posting such great info!1

James Rothschild said...

This is great! I was wondering if you had any recommendations for scales that go up a bit higher? My wife is currently in the 550+ range and most scales don't seem to go up that high.

Thanks for your advice!


Jade said...

Thank You very much for all your much appreciated and helpful information you share. I look forward to trying all the products.