Weight Loss Surgery Online Q&A Session

I wanted to give readers (especially pre-op and those considering and beginning research on weight loss surgery) a heads up on an upcoming event...

On Monday, June 13th from 7-9 p.m. ET, The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) and Ethicon Endo-Surgery are hosting a live question-and-answer session with bariatric surgeon Dr. Lloyd Stegemann of the Texas Center for Medical and Surgical Weight Loss.

Anyone with questions about obesity or bariatric surgery can join in at www.LetsTalkObesity.com and type their questions to Dr. Stegemann, who will answer questions live during the session.

Weight Loss Surgery is a huge life changing decision. Research is key. This is a nice opportunity to ask some questions and see others questions (you might not have thought of), hear what these experts have to say and then bring those questions to your local medical posse.

Hope you will join in.

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Crisangwich said...

Dr. Stegemann was my surgeon. Awesome. :o)

Nica said...

This is great info! I did a ton of research and asked my doctor a lot of questions before we decided which type of surgery was best for me. I was all set to have RnY but as it turned out I didn't have a choice but to have VSG due to a medical condition I have - AND it's working for me! However, I cannot be in any more agreement with you about how having weight loss surgery is a life changing decision; the more one knows about it, the more questions one asks, the happier one will be with their decision. Knowledge is power!