Heads up: Free Protein Bars

Get 2 Free Samples of QUEST Low Carb Protein Bars

Go to QUEST's Facebook Page
Click the FREE SAMPLE link.
You must LIKE the page and fill out the form (enter my name under "referred by") and they will mail you 2 free samples of the original flavors (FYI: no sugar or sugar alcohols)

They are drier bars/no "chocolate" coating so they hold up well tossed around in purses and carry-on bags when traveling.

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P.S. If they run out of samples today... try again manana. They are limiting how many are given out each day ;)


Kimberly said...

Thanks for posting! I have been looking for a good "go to" protein bar but have not found one. I ordered a couple of each one to give them a try. "SAMPLE" in the coupon code section will get you free shipping. No risk, money back guarantee so you can't go wrong!

Tara said...

Where did you all find the link for the sample? I went through the Facebook page and then their web page and all I find is a bunch of people asking HOW to get the free sample?

Do they pull the link down once they're gone? If so... they don't have someone managing their social media which means all those Facebook people are going to talk them down... not good marketing!

Me... I'm going to keep looking. Always looking for something new and different!

Penney said...

Just went to their page and "liked" it, but no form to fill out, but alot of comments asking for the form. A while back, they offered free samples, and they never came. Hopefully, they're not jerking people around again. By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHELLY!!!

amy said...

I went to their fb page but did not see where to click to get a free sample. Maybe it is over. Thanks for all your wonderful tips.

Unfortunately, my surgeon says "No" to caffeine, so no Click for me. :(

Michelle "Shelly" said...

I received mine on their last promotion but I know many who did not. My understanding is they limited the amount they gave away this time so fulfillmment would be better (/) So if you got in in time you should get them... if the tab for free sample is missing from their facebook page then its over for this group of samples.

I'll let you know if I spot it again. It's nice for those who can not have sugar alcohols as those types of bars are rare.

@Amy Ask your surgeon if that is a forever no because a lot of them say no but only for a few months (mine was no for 1 month) some say no for first year only (they worry about potential dehydration/diuretic effects)

I'd be a scary scary girl without caffeine LOL.

Anonymous said...

Do these have whey protein? i am actually allergic to whey protein so im having a hard time finding snacks that wont make me ill.

Michelle "Shelly" said...

Nickoshi, I don't have a bar wrapper to check for you. Hit the link for the companies facebook page and post the Q. I'm sure someone will be able to give you the 411.

Nica said...

I just found out they are no longer offering free samples. I got here too late I guess, but thanks for letting us in on this. Hopefully I'll find them in stores sometime.