Freaks on Fudge

Thank you to Mike, Toni, & Lynnda at BariatricTV for the shout out on the latest episode. Glad you guys enjoyed the FUDGE. If you haven't found BTV yet you are missing out on some great post weight loss surgery info and tons of laughs...

Here's the link to the recipe for the Cafe Mocha Protein Fudge featured on this episode.


Morgan said...

I received my Protein Max yesterday and I am very pleased! I am super picky about protein drinks and was worried this would be a waste of money. Nope - totally drinkable! Thanks for the suggestion.

Mike said...

Hey Shelly, Just wanted to let you know you can change the size of the video to match your column width on your site. In the embed code there is a "Width" and "Height" setting. Set the width to the size of your column keeping track of how much you subtracted from the original. Then subtract the same amount from the height and you're good to go.


Michelle "Shelly" said...

Yay Morgan so glad you liked it :)


TY Mike. Adjustments made. Looks much better :)