Today was fun! I had a GC to Borders and since this town only has one of those stupid Border's Express stores we went to The Forum in Carlsbad, a bunch of high end stores off El Camino Real. I'd never been before. It was nice. Used my GC at Borders I bought Grey's Anatomy Season 1 on DVD, the 1985 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, and an absolutely awesome soup cookbook... I can't wait to try some of the recipes. After Borders we went to Sur La Table. Best. store. EVER. I seriously wanted everything. I'd be scary if I was rich. We walked around all the other stores trying yummy lotions. The Lemon Ginger at Anthropologie was a stand-out. The only other thing purchased was a new hair dryer. It's blue. I love it. I've been using a old, weak red (yuck) one since my favorite dryer tried to electrocute me a few months back. So after the shopping we headed over to the beach where we fed seagulls and talked to a man from Missouri about his beagles. The water was so blue and the weather was perfect. On the way home I picked up more cherries because I am obsessed with cherries right now. I still feel like crap remnants of yesterday's migraine still remain. But despite my gnarly head it was a nice day.

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Girl From Three Birches said...

LMAO love that line... & I'd be scary if I was rich too! I'm not sure where I get my expensive tastes but being on student income hampers my inner shopaholic no end. Also... Pride and Prejudice with Mr Darcy *swoon* xC