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Thank you for the wonderful response to The World According to Eggface 5 Year Anniversary Giveaway Week 4. Thank you too for the birthday wishes and the lovely compliments about the blog I can't tell you how much they mean to me :) You all rock! Writing the blog everyday helps me keep my head in the game so thanks for being out there reading.

I wish I had an ice cream machine for everyone or you could all come over for a protein ice cream social and taste how awesome it is for yourself.

The random generator has selected:


Congratulations!!! You are the winner of the Cuisinart Ice-21 "Protein" Ice Cream Maker. Check your mail and follow email instructions for claiming your prize. Hope you enjoy it.

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P.S. Check back later today when the final week of my 5 Year Anniversary Giveaway begins!


Lynette said...

Happy Belated 40th Birthday!!! I hope it was a great one!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited! I never win anything, thank you Michelle for all you do for the WLS community and thank you random generator for selecting me as the winner.

I can hardly wait to get the ice cream maker and try some of the protein ice cream recipes!

Thanks again!

Kimberly said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Michelle!

I have enviously read your blog for a couple of years and have wanted to visit California to soak up some of your fantastic weather and see some of the amazing places you photograph. My family and I will be visiting Anaheim and San Diego at the end of next week for the first time. Now, to find a Trader Joe's...

One happy Texan,

Linda said...

Oh my .. Michelle I am so sorry for forgetting about your birthday I feel so bad please forgive me .. So listen very carfully while I sing to ya.. Happy belated Birthday to you ... Happy belated Birthday to you your the best in everything you do I wish you a Happy belated Birthday to you !!
Your Pa friend,
Linda :)

Krys said...


Nica said...

Tanti auguri e buon compleano!

In English: Happy birthday Michelle!

sophie said...

you are such an inspiration to us all! Its 3:15 a.m., cant sleep so i am aking me and the fam breakfast bites. i had my rny 12/14/04 and lost 183 plus 14 pounds of skin,hubby had his 11/3/09 and lost 100 pounds and we both gained years and confidence. obesity is a disease and its so wonderful that people like you help to put it on the forefront for us all. we love you!