October is National Popcorn Month

Doctors and nutritionists have very different views on eating popcorn post bariatric surgery. Some say no dice. Some think it's a great low cal, whole grain snack choice. Always follow your medical posse's advice. My personal view... it's great and not going to do too much damage on those "bottomless pouch" days. Recent surgery? Don't have those "bottomless pouch" days yet? After a year or so you will. So beware.

I was cleared for everything as tolerated at 8 weeks though I didn't attempt to eat popcorn till I was about 4 months out. I have it a few times a month. I generally like to choose snacks that are more protein packed but nothing goes better with a movie than popcorn...

Here's how I've been making it lately.

You need:
1 Paper Lunch Bag (find a pack of 50 or so at the $1 store)
2 Tablespoons Popcorn Kernels (bulk)

That's it.

Spoon kernels into bag. Fold over to close (at least 3 folds) and place in microwave. Nuke on high for 1 minute 50 seconds or so (time will vary microwave to microwave so it may take a time or two to learn yours - listening for popping slowing)

You can add a squirt of Pam non-stick spray and a sprinkle of salt to the bag before nuking I do that sometimes.

My favorite topping is a little spritz of Temecula Olive Oil Company Roasted Garlic Olive Oil, a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese & Italian seasoning. A tablespoon of Pesto sauce and a few peanuts are yummy and I love those Kernel Seasonings too. Here's a few other topping ideas.

Those of you that are long time blog readers know I love Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë movies. I have every version of Pride & Prejudice, Emma, Persuasion, Jane Eyre made or so I thought. I spotted a 2006 Masterpiece Theater version of Jane Eyre I didn't own can you believe it ;) watched it yesterday (with popcorn of course.) Oh my gosh. Best version ever. I highly recommend it. If you have teenage girls they will love love love it too. Total Mom/Daughter afternoon. Make some popcorn ;)


Fooseberry said...

I am totally into popcorn when I need a crunch. I have never had a problem with it but I did not try it for at least 6 months after surgery(my choice). I have to admit I don't like the microwave type so I pop my own and bag it in Ziplocks. It stays pretty crunchy for a few days.
This would be a great work option for me Thanks for the idea.

kareninflorida said...

I must confess to having a couple of handfuls of popcorn at the movies on Saturday. But (unlike my pre-op days) I only ate one piece at a time and chewed it carefully. While I enjoyed my bariatric-friendly snacks (soy nuts and chili-cheese protein chips), it just wasn't the same without having a little bit of popcorn.

Karen C said...

OMG, this is the first time I'm seen another person mention Persuasion! My favorite favorite love story movie. Rips my heart out at times, but love wins out. LOVE it. "My" version is the Ciarin Hinds one. Captain Wentworth... swoon!